All you see here is the Atmosphere of my consciousness.

All you see here is the Atmosphere of my consciousness.

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I was born on April 27, 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I used to study classical dramatic theater at the National Theater Academy. I have been an actor in the National Theater of Bulgaria for 20 years. I have played many roles in cinema, theater and television. I have always taken pictures, but in 2019 it became my main occupation.

The moment came when I wanted to express myself through my art, not to be an interpreter, but to be a creator. To recreate my fantasies, my ideas and tell my stories. I have lived for many years in the plots and characters of the world's great authors. This deep insight into literature and drama helps me a lot as a photographer.I am looking for the images, the places, the atmosphere of the plays in which I have acted. I'm looking for special people with dramatic and interesting stories. Photography helps me get to know humanity in its complexity and scale and reveals my true self. It gives an image of everything that is inside me and that is hidden by my outer shell. It captures my human position and through photography I discover the meaningful path to follow.

British Journal of Photography

Winner - Portrait of Humanity Vol. 6

Shortlist - Portrait of Humanity Vol. 6

Sony World Photography Awards

1st Place Winner, National Awards

Shortlist, Open competition «Portraiture» category

Xposure International Photography Awards

2nd Place Winner «Portrait» category

Hasselblad Masters

 Finalist - «Portrait» category

Analog Sparks International Film Photography Awards

Human Best New Talent

Gold Winner in «Human/Culture» category

2nd Place Winner in «Architecture» category

Gold Winner in «Architecture Other» category

Annual Photography Awards

1st Place Winner «Portrait» category

3rd Place Winner «Natural Landscapes» category

Premios de la XIII edición del Cerdá y Rico

1st Place Winner «Libre» category

XV Certamen Internacional de Fotografia ASISAFOTO

2nd Place Winner  «Colour serie» category

Life in Scene Awards

Finalist - Open Call 

Street Photographers Foundation


Editors' Choice

BIFA Budapest International Foto Awards

Discovery of the Year

1st Place in Portfolio

Gold, «Portfolio/Personal» category

Life Framer

1st Prize Winner, Night Life Competition

Winner Selection, Animal Kingdom Competition

Winner Selection, Youthhood Competition

Winner Selection, Humans of the World Competition

Lens Culture

Finalist, Street Photography Awards 

Editor’s Choice, Portrait Award - Inspiration on the competition website

The Fc'Diary Street photo award

1st Prize Winner

Chromatic Awards

1st  Place,  «Culture» category

2nd  Place, «Fashion and Beauty» category

2nd  Place, «Portrait» category

KLPA International Portrait Photography Prize

Finalist, «Human/Nature» category

Black and White Spider awards 17th Annual Edition

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence, «People» category

2nd “MONTALT” International Competition

1st  Place winner

MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards

People Photographer of the Year 

1st  Place, «People» category

2nd Place, «Events» category

Gold Awarded, «People/Children» category

Gold Awarded, «People/Portrait» category

Gold Awarded, «Events/Other» category

Silver Awarded, «People/Portrait» category

Bronze Awarded, «People/Portrait» category

Bronze Awarded, «People/Culture» category

Chromatic Photography Awards

1st place in Portrait 

2nd place in Travel

Voyage Travel Awards

Grand Prize Winner in photography categories, «Editorial/ Documentary» category

500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition

1st place, «Golden Hour» category

Honorable Mention, « People» category

IPA International Photo Awards

2nd Place, «Event/Traditions and Cultures» category

3rd Place, «Sports/Motosports» category

18th Annual  Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

Finalist,  «People» category

Finalist,  «Natural World» category

6th 35 AWARDS

Winner 2020 Best Photo Male Portrait

Two Photos catalog selected

ND Neutral Density Photography Awards

1st Place Gold Star in People, «Children» category

3rd Place Bronze Star in People,  «Family» category

VIEPA Vienna International  Photo Award

Gold Medal 1st Place, «People/Portrait» category

Bronze Medal  3rd Place, «Travel» category

Bulgarian Academy of Photography

Bronze Medal 3rd place, «Artistic photography» category

13th edition of the Cerdá y Rico of photography

01.10.2023 – 01.09.2024 – Cabra del Santo Cristo, Spain

Analog Sparks Best of Show Exhibition

04.10 – 31.10 / Ostuni, Italy

17.10 – 31.10 / House of Lucie, Athens

23.11 – 30.11 / House of Lucie, Budapest

Life Framer Photography Prize

02.03 – 09.03 / Valid World Hall Gallery – Barcelona

05.05 – 31.05 / Fotoza Gallery – Johannesburg

03.11 - 18.11 / Bloomington – United States

Winners Exhibition Budapest International Foto Awards

12.07 – 18.07 / House of Lucie Budapest

Street Photographers Foundation – Winner Exhibition

1.12 - 11.12 / Tehran, Iranian Artists Forum

Smartphone Photography “Open for More ART” Huawey

 26.01–5.02 / Sofia

Premi de Fotografia Vila de Cambrils

28.11– 11.02 / Cambrils, Spain

Charity exhibition to raise funds for the victims in Ukraine “Buy art for Ukraine”

TPOTY Travel Photographer of the Year

13.04–31.05 / London

Festival Internacional de Photographie Rabat

27.05-31.05 / Morocco

Exhibition "Photos speak - Analysis of photographs 2022"

13.06-31.06 / Sofia

15.10-30.10 / Sevlievo

Exhibition of the finalists in the portrait KLPA Awards

 16.09-02.10 / GMBB in Kuala Lumpur

Moscow International Foto Awards Exhibition of the winners

30.08–15.09 / Moscow

28.10–7.11 / Nizhny Novgorod

Charity exhibition to raise funds for the Children's Hospital in Sofia

Exhibition of the winners  in 500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition

12.2021 / Kandy Gallery, Toronto - Canada 

National Annual photographic art review in Bulgaria

Dansk Fotografia Magazine

Issue 3/2023

Leica fotografie International Magazine

Interview in a magazine “Eight”

issue March 2022

EVA Magazine

Newspaper "24 Chasa"

ILeGaLiT magazine